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“I have taken my two year old and 11 month old to this class and they love it. I have always been rubbish at languages but I even find myself singing along to the tunes. So if you are not a linguist then don't worry. Not being a linguist was the main reason why I thought it would be great to submerge my little ones in a foreign language. Nicola and Claire are lovely and have a fantastic rapport with the children.  The classes are small which makes them intimate and relaxed. I would definitely recommend also as it costs about £5 to take my kids to Antz alone - whereas I pay £5 for the class and just £1 each discounted entry to Antz, and it's such fun.”

Jo (and Hattie, 2 years, and Bert, 11 months)


“Little Amigos is a fantastic class, which we all enjoy, it has a lovely mix of song, dance, puppets and interactive games to stimulate little ones with the added benefit that parents gets to learn something new as well. The class is unique in that I feel engaged by it as well and I think my daughters pick up on this and enjoy that we are all developing a new skill together. My eldest daughter had limited speech in English when we started the class and I think it actually helped with all her language skills, she even counted to ten in Spanish before English. My youngest, who is only 18 months was using basic greetings with confidence on a recent holiday to Spain, she has been attending since six weeks, so it's never too early to get them started!”

 Susie (and Liberty, 3 years, and Florrie Bea, 18 months)


“Eva has been coming to Spanish with Nicola and Claire, who are great, for the last year and a half since she was one and has absolutely loved it. Through the songs and games she has picked up so much and regularly goes around singing the songs to anyone who will listen and reeling off a list of colours in Spanish!! At nursery she asks the key workers how to say things in Spanish too. She's been really inspired by the lessons and I can't rate this group highly enough. Thank you for running such a super group. Love Laura and Eva.”

 Laura (and Eva, 2 years)


"Another terrific lesson today. Lara and Sam get such pleasure out of this group, it's infectious! Another great thing is that I now speak more Spanish than my hubby, who took Spanish GCSE! Thank you girls, you keep it really fun to learn a language, as it should be."

 Sasha (and Lara, 3 years, and Sam, 16 months)


"My four-year-old daughter attended Spanish classes for a year (at nursery). I was impressed with the development of her vocabulary and how quickly it built up. She learned action songs and some Christmas songs too. She could count and she learned animals, colours and much more. The classes are well structured, the children have loads of fun with loads of things to capture the little ones attention. I found the handouts very helpful and used them to brush up my Spanish.  Thank you Nicola and Claire!  Keep up the good work!"

Ralica (and Juliana, 4 years) 


"My three-year-old daughter absolutely loves this (at nursery)! She really looks forward to it every week, and has become fascinated by other languages. She has even been teaching her little brother Spanish songs and walks round the house asking me what everything is called in Spanish. Definitely a great way to get children interested in other countries and languages - I couldn't recommend it highly enough!"

Rachel (and Sofia, 3 years)


“The children at nursery have really enjoyed learning Spanish, I am amazed at how quickly they have picked it up and how much fun they have in the classes.  Parents have given me great feedback and have enthused about how much fun the children are having learning the songs at home.  I would highly recommend Little Amigos to both individuals and nursery settings, language learning is just so much fun. The teachers are very good at engaging the children and capturing their attention.”

Jen, Nursery Manager, Melrose Nursery


“My Husband who was a real sceptic said to me the other day ‘this Spanish is amazing, I wouldn’t have believed she could learn it this fast.  I’m actually enjoying doing Spanish with her more than I would have expected’”

Jen (and Alanna, 3 years)


"I have attended the full range of baby/ toddler classes over last few years, having two young children, and this is by far the BEST class we have been to. Both my 3 year old and 1 year old absolutely love every minute of it. The classes are so well planned out and involve songs, dancing, games, stories and puppets. Both of them have already picked up many Spanish songs and can do basic greetings while at home with each other, it's very impressive! The class leaders Nicola and Claire are really lovely too and full of enthusiasm every week, they make it lots of fun. Also it is not too expensive. Give it a try, it was the highlight of our week!!”

Jane (and Sadie, 3 years, and Michael, 1 year)



"This is a fantastic class which my little boy loves going to. It is a real mixture of singing, dancing, stories and games which make learning Spanish really fun. Neither myself or my little boy knew any Spanish before attending and within a few weeks we knew colours, food and lots of songs. Nicola and Claire make the sessions so welcoming and informal and for this reason it is great for any age. We will be going into our third term next month and can't recommend it highly enough!" 

Kate (and Henry, 3 years)



"Myself and Ruby May are enjoying the class, it gives Ruby a chance to hopefully pick up a new language, meet new friends and as she loves music, it's great as Little Amigos ticks all those boxes so looking forward to the next term."

Melissa (and Ruby, 2 years)



"The children at Pepperberry love learning Spanish. They talk about their Spanish lesson when they go home and are often heard singing the Spanish songs throughout the rest of the week at nursery."

Jo (Unit Leader, Aged 3-4 Unit, Pepperberry Day Nursery, Wilmslow)



"I'm not sure who enjoys it the most, me or the twins! I really like the mixture of songs, storytime and the puppets and this seems to hold the children's attention effectively. In addition, the handouts are very comprehensive and helpful. I also think the venue works really well."

Charlotte (and James and Lucy, both 15 months)



"We have really enjoyed the classes. It is great to do something fun and educational with the kids. Oliver in particular has benefitted and has now got a couple of Spanish words. My husband and I are delighted as we both studied Spanish at university, but have struggled to find inspiration to introduce it at home, other than bilingual books, which have a mixed reception now that he is older. I think that the repetition of certain elements of the class is really good as Oliver is retaining words this way. Also, singing nursery rhymes that are familiar in Spanish is great, since he knows the words in English already. I repeat these at home, singing a version English, then the Spanish equivalent. Mono and Leon are also hits!"

Sarah (and Oliver, 2 years, and Charlie, 7 months)



"We really enjoy the classes. The girls are learning a lot by having fun. Loreley counts things in Spanish, Liesel sings the Chuchua song and dances it (during ballet as well!). Heidi is clearly missing it (during the summer break), tonight in the bath she kept throwing her hands up in the air calling "arriba" and then throwing them down calling "bajo"! She also started singing some of the songs."

Romy (and Heidi, 2 years, and Liesel and Loreley, both 3 years)


"We love our classes, they are great fun! Being able to learn our favourite nursery rhymes in a new language is brilliant and my little girl can recognise them. Highly recommend Little Amigos!"

Sarah (and Jess, 13 months)



“Just wanted to say, my Little Amigo and I are really enjoying coming to the classes! It's lovely to see Caitlin joining in with the actions and recognising the familiar songs in Spanish! As a Speech and Language Therapist I know the advantages of introducing another language as early as possible, and I'm really glad that I've got the opportunity to do it now in such a fun and social environment. Gracias!”

Emily (and Caitlin, 17 months)



“My 2 year old daughter loves her Spanish class. Her favourite activities are singing and dancing. The content of the class is perfect for her age and she has already learnt lots of Spanish words and phrases. The activities have really improved her confidence too. I thoroughly recommend this class, it is highly educational and lots of fun!”

Laura (and Katie, 2 years) 



“My two boys love little amigos (or migos as they call it!!)! The classes are always well planned with a variety of activities: singing, dancing, storytelling. I love it when I hear them counting or singing a nursery rhyme in Spanish, its great for them to learn from such a young age and in a fun environment. I enjoy practicing a few phrases too!. Thank you Nicola and Claire for providing such an entertaining Monday morning!”

Lisa (and Felix and Herbie, 2 years)



"I go to Little Amigos with my five month old son and we love it! It makes a change from the usual groups and breaks up our week nicely. Different songs and stories are played and read each week, along with a few favourites. All in all, this is a very fun group which is perfect for any age."

Katie (and Sebastian, 5 months)



“We really look forward to our Little Amigos class. My daughter loves the activities, whilst I can swot up on my Spanish before we go on holiday!"

Harriet (and Phoebe, 11 months)



“Just wanted to say what a fab class today was. Ethan and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

 Laura (and Ethan, 13 months)



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